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The biggest city in Maryland, Baltimore is called Charm City for a reason- get ready to be charmed! F. Scott Fitzgerald, Thurgood Marshall, Edgar Allen Poe, Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth all lived in Baltimore, and the Star-Spangled Banner was written here. There's way more to do beyond the Inner Harbor, although that's


Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware and is centrally located between DC and NYC. While its Jewish community is small, it is just large enough for an enjoyable day trip.   Daven: Check a shul’s website or call the contact number to find more specific minyan information. Chabad:


Philadelphia is the capital and largest city in Pennsylvania, as well as one of the most populous cities in America. The city played an important role in the making of the United States, with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution being signed here,  and served as our country's capital for some time.Philly's


Boston is home to the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, many well-known universities such as Harvard and MIT, as well as to the Boston Red Sox and Boston Cream Pie. The capital of Massachusetts and largest city in New England, Boston was founded in 1630 and its rich history makes it a

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Originally named "Providence Plantations", Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and the smallest state's biggest city. Providence is the birthplace of costume jewelry and the Providence Bruins, and is the largest manufacturer of silverware. If you like coffee, donuts or both, you're in luck, because Providence has the most coffee and doughnut

New Haven

New Haven, or "The Elm City", is the second-biggest city in Connecticut. Yale University is located in New Haven, and George W. Bush was born here. The steam boat, cotton gin, corkscrew, lollipops, hamburgers and Frisbees were all invented in the self-proclaimed "Cultural Capital of Connecticut". Daven: Check a

Bridgeport/ Stamford

Bridgeport and Stamford are both in the Fairfield County area of Connecticut, and are under a half-hour drive from one another. They are among the biggest cities in Connecticut, with Bridgeport being the biggest in the state. Although Fairfield County is considered part of the New York Metropolitan Area, both of these cities

New York City

NYC. The Big Apple. The City that Never Sleeps. Whatever you call it, you've certainly heard a lot about it. For kosher eaters and families looking for things to do, the options seem endless. Below are links that will cover all you need to know for your visit to New York City.