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Philadelphia is the capital and largest city in Pennsylvania, as well as one of the most populous cities in America. The city played an important role in the making of the United States, with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution being signed here,  and served as our country’s capital for some time.Philly’s mix of historical sights and big-city culture means there is something for everyone to enjoy!



Check a shul’s website or call the contact number to find more specific minyan information.

More information on Philly shuls here.


We provide information, not endorsements. Please do your own research regarding what hechsherim you consider reliable. Additionally, since this information may change frequently, we recommend you always check with the establishments before eating there.

Unless otherwise noted, the following establishments are supervised by the Keystone-K (Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia).


Information changes, so please double-check before you visit any of the following locations.

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