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Originally named “Providence Plantations”, Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and the smallest state’s biggest city. Providence is the birthplace of costume jewelry and the Providence Bruins, and is the largest manufacturer of silverware. If you like coffee, donuts or both, you’re in luck, because Providence has the most coffee and doughnut shops per capita of any city in the world!


Check a shul’s website or call the contact number to find more specific minyan information.

More information on Jewish Providence here .


We provide information, not endorsements. Please do your own research regarding what hechsherim you consider reliable. Additionally, since this information may change frequently, we recommend you always check with the establishments before eating there.

The Rhode Island Kosher hashgacha does not recommend any kosher restaurants in Providence but provides other options:

  • Whole Foods University Heights: Packaged meat and other foods. 601 North Main Street. Phone: (401) 621-5990.
  • Trader Joe’s: Packaged meat and other foods.1000 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick, RI 02886. Phone: (401) 821-5368
  • Davis Dairy: Packaged deli and cholov yisroel cheese, as well as other kosher packaged items. 721 Hope Street. Phone: (401) 331-4239
  • East Side Marketplace: Fresh meat and fish. 165 Pitman Street. Phone: (401) 831-7771 (kosher butcher avail 8-2 Thursday).
  • Restaurants in Canton MA, 40 minutes away from Providence, under KVH Kosher:
    • Zayde’s Family Marketplace: Prepared foods, fresh meat and fish. 15 Washington St Canton, MA 02021. Phone: (781) 828-3530
    • Life’s a Bagel: Bagel shop. 29 Washington St Canton, MA. Phone: 02021 (781) 830-9900

Check here for more Providence kosher information as provided by Rhode Island Kosher, or here for other kosher options in Providence.


Information changes, so please double-check before you visit any of the following locations.



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